In the Jungles of the Yucatan
In the jungles of the Yucatan
With a pistol to my head
I took the rod of a Mayan god
And screamed, my bowels bled

In a Haitian voodoo rite of death
Beating rhythym, blood to bone
A frenzied dance, licentious trance
I'm ready to go home. Let's go!

In an ancient temple in Bangkok
Cigar burns on her arm
She never cried, my child bride
She knew I meant no harm...

I shot a boy in Mexico
Who was fixing in the streets
His eyes went blank with a look of thanks
As his blood trickled to my feet. The emerald buddha in Bangkok, 
Jah Allah and sensi
Philosophers and pederasts 
are all the same to me

The trainer of the elephants
Gives hormones to the apes
Then watches as he devours a child
With primate greed and haste

Just one cocada in Peru
Some mushrooms in Tepic
Or yage along the Amazon
Obscure the things I seek

Six bells are ringing in my head
Like lights beyond my sight
And painting all the black doors red
I work throughout the night But I hear voices in the mist
They're driving me to sin
So pondering why I exist
You see the shape I'm in.

The gas expelled from where I sit
Is multi-colored glue
It's meant, of course, to bond the ones
Who don't to those who do

But in a life where love is crowned
By loneliness and fear
The ones who do are outward bound
The ones who don't, stay near

And balanced as this doesn't seem
You're right to turn away
Like waking from a nasty dream
To wish that it was day.